Monday, July 22, 2013

Mysterious Coby 29'' Class 720p 60Hz LED HTDV - LEDTV2916-SK ENERGY STAR® sale

Coby  29'' Class 720p 60Hz LED HTDV - LEDTV2916-SK  ENERGY STAR®


Check deal information for Coby  29'' Class 720p 60Hz LED HTDV - LEDTV2916-SK  ENERGY STAR® savings on the net. Special promo to get these Coby  29'' Class 720p 60Hz LED HTDV - LEDTV2916-SK  ENERGY STAR® with wonderful offer for cheap and shipping and delivery.

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Product Description

COBY LEDTV2916 - 29" Class ( 28.5" viewable ) LED-backlit LCD TV - 720p

Start seeing your living room in high-definition! With a super-slim profile, this TV fits in perfectly with its surroundings. The LED backlight delivers vivid color and contrast for a picture that is simply brilliant. Equipped with HDMI for easy digital connections, this TV plays nice with all of your devices. Enjoy digital 5.1 surround sound when connected to a home theater setup or enjoy the built-in SRS TRuSurround XT surround sound experience.

  • Enjoy 720p high definition on your TV
    That's something you'll appreciate on the TVs when you're experiencing images with unparalleled detail and fidelity. Simply put, you'll enjoy the best in today's entertainment without missing a thing.
  • Digital theater quality at home
    Surround your TV with digital audio. If you have a surround sound receiver or other compatible device, you'll be able to get pure digital sound from your TV. Experience 5.1 channels of audio bliss in the comfort of your living room.
  • Making things better one pixel at a time
    DVDs, TV broadcasts, streaming video, and analog connections can all introduce slight imperfections to picture quality. Although the loss in fidelity may be minor and unnoticable, the TVs are designed with advanced processing techniques to improve the appearance of compressed video. That's why your TV experience will be picture perfect every time.
  • Black is the new black
    COBY measures and reports native contrast ratio, a truer indication of screen performance. Contrast ratio measures the difference between the darkest and brightest images that a screen can produce. A high contrast ratio will prevent images from looking washed out. Details in very dark or very bright scene will be clear and vivid without the loss in definition. Blacks look blacker. Whites look whiter. You'll get a vibrant picture that will be a true reflection of the image.
  • Make a high-definition connection
    HDMI terminal allows the transmission of a pure digital video and audio signal to enjoy the best possible picture with the widest support for high-definition devices. HDMI is synonymous on the latest Blu-ray and DVD players, cable boxes, game consoles, and computers. With support for Full HD 1080p video and multi-channel audio carried over a single cable, setting up the home theater is simple with the COBY TV.

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Coby  29'' Class 720p 60Hz LED HTDV - LEDTV2916-SK  ENERGY STAR®

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Coby  29'' Class 720p 60Hz LED HTDV - LEDTV2916-SK  ENERGY STAR®

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